How Do We Select Charities?

It's commonly asked how the Click4Good team selects which charities make it up on

While there are a handful of factors that are important whist picking charities, one stands above the rest. We actively search for charities that give more than 70% away (though we learn towards 100%). Being a small company our team understands that nothing, let alone a charity just operates of course there's bound to be various costs. That being said, we still feel it's important that charities out there remember why they're in existence - to help the causes connected to them. Not to line administrators pockets with cash.

It's absolutely incredible just how many charity scams are out there today. From big charities to smaller ones to individuals pretending to be from charities. Receiving calls at home or on your sell, to getting hit up online via email or's an outright epidemic. Not to mention downright appalling that people exploit the suffering to gain their own ends. So, to help us all stay up to date on the latest and greatest in charities - provided below are a bunch of links to do just that.





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