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All About Our Affiliates

Our affiliates give us a commission every time Click4Good® users use the affiliate links on our shop page.

This is how our business is able to donate to highly rated charities on users behalf.

Currently our affiliates remains exclusive due to the size of our team.

Listed in alphabetical order are our affiliates:

Amazon®, Ebay® & Groupon®

How much money do our affiliates send us when shoppers use affiliate links provided on Click4Good®?

The commissions we receive from individual affiliates vary. Described simply, each of our affiliates is unique and part of separate, individual "affiliate programs" which ultimately determine the commission or rate amount received by Click4Good®...

Here's more on that:

While it's complicated to describe the exact commissions received from various affiliate programs, it will be explained as thoroughly as possible herein, and what cannot be described is provided in links to further reading. Alphabetically listed below is commission information for various affiliates included on this website.

Keep in mind: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Amazon® Associates has "Program Fee Rates" and "Bounty Events and Special Program Fees." The first is generally based on the types of purchases made. The latter is structured around special specific links that may be clicked and purchased from by Amazon® shoppers. This is best described by Amazon® Associates Program in images shown below.

Program Fee Rates

Bounty Events & Special Program Fees

That means for example, the purchase of a $450 dollar video game console, which rate is at 1%, would generate a 4.5 commission, or $4.50 from Amazon® Associates Program. That also means, an example purchase of $900 on a new loft bed, furniture rate is 8%, would generate a $72 dollar commission from Amazon® Associates Program.

All other categories are 4% other than the ones described in the image above. To calculate the amount that will be generatedin commissions from a purchase you make, use this link: click HERE.

Please learn more about Amazon® Associates Program commission rates: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/help/operating/policies#Associates%20Program%20Fee%20Statement

Keep in mind: We are a participant in the Ebay Partner Network®, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Ebay.com and affiliated sites.

Ebay® Partner Network best describes their commission rates:

"The eBay Partner Network has some of the most generous affiliate earnings on the web. Earnings vary by the product category of the items sold, by the frequency of customers, and by program country as each local site has a slightly different payment structure due to local market conditions. When Purchase Made by Current eBay Buyer When Purchase Made by New or Reactivated eBay Buyer. Steady State Earnings (After 3 Months): 5% - 6%, 9% - 14% for special items."

Please learn more about Ebay® Partner Network commission rates from their website:



Keep in mind: We are a participant in CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) an affiliate marketing network. This program has provided the Groupon® affiliate links appearing on this app or website.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant commission rates vary depending on affiliate. The commission generated form Groupon® purchases are generally 5.00%. Other commissions are based on the specific deal type, item type or other variables.

Online Purchase by a registered user or new user:

  • 10.00% on Item List: Local deals (excluding: Activities & Retail)

  • 10.00% on Item List: Local deals (Activities & Retail)

  • 8.00% on Item List: Getaways, Occasions, Live and Now!

  • 5.00% on Item List: Goods

  • 0.00 USD flat on Item List: Charity/Promotional

Please learn more about CJ Affiliate Network:  https://www.cj.com

How much money do we give to charity?

How much money Click4Good® is able to give to it's charities is entirely decided on how many people shop on the Click4Good.org Shop Page with our affiliates. The more people using it, the more money will be generated. There are two reasons for that fact. The first is that the more people use our affiliates, the higher commission we'll receive from them. The second is obvious, the more people shop, the more Click4Good® can give. It's just that simple.

How much of each affiliate commission do we donate?

Each time a shopper completes a purchase using affiliate links on Click4Good®, 50% of each and every commission received from our affiliates is donated to one or among all charities options equally (depending on users choice)

To clarify, that's 50% is right off the top.

Meaning, 50% is donated to charity (or charities) before any bills, administration costs, possible fees incurred for any reason by our business are considered. There are other businesses out there that claim to give a portion of proceeds away, but only after the bills have been paid. Our business gives half of all affiliate commissions to charity - period.

Rain or shine... we believe:


Remember...Here's how it works:

Shopping with our various affiliates generates commissions from each individual purchase. Those generated commissions are then sent to Click4Good® at various times throughout the year. After those commissions reach Click4Good®, they're divided into different charity categories depending on shoppers unique charity choices made after their purchase.

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