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On this page are various common questions asked by our users. Please refer to this page for questions about Click4Good®, our affiliates or highly rated charities.

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Is Sign Up With Click4Good Required?

Absolutely NOT. Sign up with Click4Good® is NEVER required. We just want to help charities and sign up by our users is simply not required to do that. Sign up with our affiliates is suggested, but also not required.

How Do I "Click4Good"?

Shop with our affiliates

Through our affiliate links on the home shopping page. By using this page, you're using the affiliate links, which in turn records your purchase, which pays us...which pays our charities. The great circle of life. Next to select a specific charity for us to on your behalf, copy your subtotal from your receipt as you're checking out. If you want all charities to be donated to equally from your purchase, then your work is done.

Select A Charity (Optional)

So here's where there's a little work is required on the shoppers' part. If a shopper wants all charities to benefit from their purchase, then their job is over - they shopped and we'll give equally among all the charities automatically. However, if a shopper would like us to donate to a specific charity, they just need to come back to or Click4Good App after their purchase and simply tell us which one. How does that happen? All the shopper has to do is click the "GIVE" Link/Button located on this website and also in our app and follow the simple instructions on entering your subtotal. Why is the subtotal required? It's a way to prevent fraudulent charity selection entries. By entering your subtotal, we're able to match it in our affiliate programs thus knowing if the charity submission is valid.

How Does It Work?

We donate from our pockets - not yours. Click4Good gives to charities from commissions derived from individual online purchases to charities of the shoppers' choice in 2 easy steps. How It Works: Shopping with our various affiliates generates commissions from each individual purchase. Those generated commissions are then sent to Click4Good at various times throughout the year. After those commissions reach Click4Good, they're divided into different charity categories depending on shoppers unique charity choices made after their purchase.

Will I receive a confirmation email following my charity selection?

No. You will not receive a confirmation email for whichever individual charity you selected. Due to the number of charity selection submissions Click4Good doesn't send out automated charity confirmation emails, but if you'd like to receive updates on future charity additions or affiliate deals - please enter your email during the second step of the How It Works the process.

Will I receive a confirmation email following my purchase?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation email from whichever individual affiliate you shopped with during the first step of the How It Works process.

Is there a Click4Good® Mobile App?

Yes! Available for iPhones and Androids! Just go to the App Store or Google Play and search: Click4Good. Or click this link:

Why are the iPhone & Android Apps slightly different?

The Mobile Applications are different based on guidelines set by Apple and Android. We strive to respect and adhere to their guidelines to better support our users.

What inspired the creation of Click4Good®?

While there are many inspirations behind our roots, the main one is:

Not everyone is able to donate to a single charity, let alone multiple charities on a monthly basis. Click4Good was born out of the desire to allow everyone that shops online with our affiliates the opportunity to help a cause. Donating monthly to charity just isn't an option for some people, but it doesn't have to be. By shopping on these people can rest easily knowing that their purchase helped a charity important to them. As our organization grows we dream of a future where we're able to also grow our contributions to charities, from the commissions generated by Click4Good users when they use our affiliates' links on the Shop Page. Help us make that dream a reality...tell your friends and family about Click4Good.

Is Click4Good® a charity or a business?

We are a business. To put it simply: we're in business... to help highly rated charities. We believe that business and social awareness should and must coexist beyond the realms that they do today. The team here at Click4Good® is tired of watching the world suffer and thinks businesses need to be more proactive to do more about it. We hope to pave the way and set an example by doing just that.

It's amazing to imagine just how many lives can benefit from the everyday purchases are made online every minute of everyday...

To accomplish our goals, we propose a partnership: between us and our shoppers to help all in need throughout Mother Earth.

How much money do we give to charity?

How much money Click4Good® is able to give to it's charities is entirely decided on how many people shop on the Shop Page with our affiliates. The more people using it, the more money will be generated. There are two reasons for that fact. The first is that the more people use our affiliates, the higher commission we'll receive from them. The second is obvious, the more people shop, the more Click4Good® can give. It's just that simple.

How much of each affiliate commission do we donate?

Each time a shopper completes a purchase using affiliate links on Click4Good®, 50% of each and every commission received from our affiliates is donated to one or among all charities options equally (depending on users choice). Sadly, that's more than some "charities" donate.

To clarify, that's 50% is right off the top.

Meaning, 50% is donated to charity (or charities) before any bills, administration costs, possible fees incurred for any reason by our business are considered. There are other businesses out there that claim to give a portion of proceeds away, but only after the bills have been paid. Our business gives half of all affiliate commissions to charity - period. Rain or shine... we believe business and social awareness should coexist.

How much money do our affiliates send us when shoppers use affiliate links provided on Click4Good®?

The commissions we receive from individual affiliates vary. Described simply, each of our affiliates is unique and part of separate, individual "affiliate programs" which ultimately determine the commission or rate amount received by us. Two factors effect how much money our affiliates send to us when shoppers use the provided affiliate links on our app or website. The first is the percentage that an individual affiliate or affiliate program provides for one or all types of goods or services. This one's obvious... next is the frequency of use by our users: the more people shop using our affiliate links, the more we can give to highly rated charities. Added bonus: the higher the frequency or user - the higher some of our commissions will go in various programs.

Learn more about percentages provided from each affiliate program:

Rain or shine... we believe:


Remember...Here's how it works:

Shopping with our various affiliates generates commissions from each individual purchase. Those generated commissions are then sent to Click4Good at various times throughout the year. After those commissions reach Click4Good, they're divided into different charity categories depending on shoppers unique charity choices made after their purchase.



We just want to utilize all that shopping for highly rated causes...without costing our users a cent in donations or fees of any kind. Signup with or our app isn't even required. We just want to help you, to help us, to help highly rated charities... by shopping to your heart (or budget's) content. Let's put that "1.61 Billion" to good use.

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