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Our Mission

Help all in need - animal, mineral and vegetable alike by utilizing eCommerce.

Online shopping occurs everyday in unspeakably high numbers. Why not use that simple fact to help charity. What's this "animal, mineral, vegetable" stuff all about? The mission to "help all those in need, animal, mineral" is proposing just that - helping all living organisms, not only survive but flourish. Earth is truly glorious and unique. It must be preserved and protected to ensure the safety and happiness of all living beings of Earth in the future. That's why all charities included were chosen on their ability and drive to help everyone around the world.

Our Vision

Business & social awareness coexist, for the greater good of all of Earth’s Inhabitants.

Uniting business and social awareness to nourish one another instead of ignore or destroy is the Click4Good® dream. Business and social awareness vary in many ways but like the hot and cold water of the "great ocean conveyor belt", partnership of these opposites contribute to the betterment of the world. Imagine how many purchases are made online imagine those purchases leading to contributions to important causes around the world. Shopping to generate money for charity is easy...


Business & social awareness should coexist™

To accomplish our mission and see our vision materialize, we propose a partnership…

Between us (Click4Good) and You (Online Shopper/Click4Good User)

A partnership that costs users absolutely nothing but the cost of their own online purchase and six seconds of users' time.

This union, we hope will combine the realms of business and social awareness for a more loving world for years to come.

Let's utilize eCommerce to help solve the world's problems, one online purchase at a time...

The Roots

A small team of people striving to help the world, using the power of eCommerce...

The idea for Click4Good® was originally conceived around 2008 by New York City native John Casalinuovo. The first "light-bulb" moment came at random while walking his two rescued dogs, Roxanne and Bruno. Strolling down Hester Street, sweet pits in tow, his wheels churned on how to begin this project. Over the years he's built a small team of individuals who strongly believe in the Click4Good® mission. The mission: to help all those in need - animal, mineral and vegetable alike by utilizing eCommerce, brought the team together...and the rest is history. For the team, working on this project seemed like a "no-brainier"... utilizing already occurring eCommerce to help charity just felt right. While similar strategies to help charity exist, it's never been done quite like this. The founder's strong connections to charities in his life have lead to the development of a excellent combination of highly rated charity options for consumers to personally choose, if desired. Unlike many big businesses out there today, the team has remained very small... and dedicated to the mission. Then and now, our team is the epitome and definition of a grassroots organization

The Founder

Founder John C. Casalinuovo, Photograph: Cierra Mazzola

Click4Good® was founded by a person who's no stranger to working. From his first job as a stock, delivery boy and cashier at his local pharmacy; this man has had a "love-affair" with working since he was ten years old. Like many children, he observed his single Mother waiting tables and facing financial struggle to feed their family; which taught him early on the importance of hard work. From this observation in his family, a growing resolve for survival and helping others sprouted. While John was able to volunteer his time or energy to anyone who needed it, for much of his early life the ability to help anyone financially eluded him.

The Spark

That simple fact fueled the spark, that many years later ended up creating and later the Click4Good® Mobile Application (available for download on Google Play and The App Store). Since then he's had many, many different jobs. Throughout the years of his life, he's worked as: a tin knocker (sheet metalworker), hard rock miner, Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad steel/tie gang-worker, boiler repairer in N.Y.C., a general contractor, fruit picker in Washington state's Yakama Valley, and a building super turned building owner. Later he went on to volunteer for nine months at Ground Zero in 2001/2002 with his wife, after witnessing the attacks on 9/11 from their roof in Chinatown. What does being a jack of all trades and volunteer have to do with the founding of Click4Good®?

No matter the walk of life one comes from or job they have, one cord unites us all: SURVIVAL

Most people want to comfortably support our families, and have the ability to help others who need it... but not everyone can do both. Even worse: unfortunately some are unable to do either and others maybe just one. This project was originally started so even if a person only has a small online shopping budget, they can feel good knowing that they can make a donation...without making a donation

Over the course of his life, working different jobs made one thing very obvious…


Photograph: Denis Bayer, Source: Unsplash


Experiences throughout his life have contributed to the creation of Click4Good®. The first charity John ever donated to was a cause very Near & Dear to his heart: GMHC. Strong personal connections inspired him to start setting money aside to donate to GMHC ever since 1993. Over the years he's volunteered at Habitat for Humanity NY, and NY Foundling Hospital.

From left to right: Bruno, Roxy. Family & Click4Good® "Muses"

Anyone struggling to cover the basic staples required in in life survive...isn't enjoying life to the fullest, and that's just not right. While walking his dogs early one morning in Chinatown, it crossed his mind just how many people are shopping online now a days. Next it occurred to him that if the growing number of online purchases could be utilized - people who normally couldn't afford to donate to charity...could now direct a donation to a cause by utilizing their online purchases.

Want To Help #Click4Good?


We don't accept donations or signups...but we can use your help! Please - SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Consumer and help save the world a online or mobile purchase at a time. Help us #DoGood - Keep shopping & tell the world! BE THE CHANGES YOU WANT TO SEE

Business and social awareness are very different realms. Just like the hot and cold water of the "great ocean conveyor belt", partnership of these opposites not only contribute to the betterment of the world, but they are vital to all of Earth's inhabitants.

It always starts with a single person. An individual that says: "No" to the status quo. Utilize your online purchases for the betterment of the world. It cost's you nothing extra for us to donate on your behalf. We give more than any small business out there...learn more on our FAQ Page.


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2015 SHOPPING STATS: ONLINE SHOPPING: 60%, MOBILE SHOPPING: 30%, TRADITIONAL SHOPPING: 10%. INFORMATION PROVIDED BY: United States of America Shopping Statistics August 2015. Information provided by "Internet Retailer" at this link:


Imagine how many purchases are made online imagine those purchases causing contributions to special causes worldwide. Uniting business and social awareness to nourish each other is a Click4Good® dream...