Who We Are

Click4Good was created to enable online shoppers to help the world just by shopping. It was founded by two New Yorkers who believe that business and social awareness should not only coexist, but also fuel one other.

How It Works

Simply…First: Shop. Next: Give.

Click4Good enables users to: Donate From Our Pockets, Not Yours

Below is conveyed, the pertinent information on using Click4Good to shop while simultaneously generating donations (from us) to one awesome charity (of your choice) or many important causes (if there’s no user choice).

4 Reasons To Click4Good

Here are the top four reasons online shoppers should use Click4Good

  1. Important causes need human awareness & support

  2. Using #Click4Good is easy, signup and donation free.

  3. We utilize eCommerce and #PeoplePower to #DoGood

  4. Business & Social Awareness Should Coexist

3 Ways To Use Click4Good

Click4Good was created to be easy, donation and login free. We believe most people want to do good, and we enable more people to do so.

Users can use our service in one or all of these ways:

  1. Website: Click4Good.org

  2. Mobile Apps: Click4Good App

  3. Web Browser: Click4Good Browser (Coming Soon!)

2 Ways To Shop & Give Via Click4Good

2 Ways To Shop

Users can shop with our affiliates or shop with us in our store through multiple portals such as this website and our app.

2 Ways To Give

Users can pick a charity near and dear to their hearts or simply not pick anything, which will by default donate to all causes.

1 Way To Help Without Shopping

Not everyone can afford to shop for things online, but most people use social media. Use the power of your voice to make a difference.

0 Reasons Not To Use Click4Good

There’s no reason for anyone to not use Click4Good. It’s easy, signup/donation free, available in different forms and affords anyone with working internet and habits of shopping online the ability to #DoGood by using #Click4Good.

The world needs our help. Start today, every cent counts.