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Urgent Needs

These charities react and respond to disasters of the world. Urgent Needs charities, helps all beings suffering due to disaster, natural or man-made; as well as aids those struggling with acquirement of basic necessities, such as food and water.

Pick an Urgent Needs/Disaster Relief Charity by clicking one of the images below...

1st Responders & Veterans

The charities below support those who “answer the call” whenever the world needs help. The U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force, and volunteers… all serve and protect our country - it's time to return the favor. The Veterans Charities category is dedicated to supporting a variety of solutions for veterans and their families in different times of hardship.

Pick a 1st Responders & Veterans Charity by clicking one of the images below...

Environment & Animals

Environment and Animals Charities simply put, help support and defend the natural world, various species and wildlife. The health and well being of the Earth's environment and it's various species of animals, domestic and wild is absolutely paramount.

Pick an Environment & Animals Charity by clicking one of the images below...

Humanity & Medical

The charities who focus on issues that directly effect humanity safety, health or well being. Topics such as human trafficking, child abuse, and various medical diseases that plague humanity are common in this category.

Pick a Humanity & Medical Charity by clicking one of the images below...

Near & Dear

Near & Dear Charities are a mixture of different types of causes. Each share a personal connection with one or multiple members of the team.

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How To Select All Charities

Just shop using the affiliate links listed on our Shop Page, and checkout with whichever affiliate completely. Voila - that's it. Automatically all charities will benefit equally from a commission in absence of a charity selection. When a commission arrives and no corresponding charity selection is found, our team will know a user opted to choose all charities to benefit from their online purchase by way of this Click4Good® shopping page portal. Shop using affiliate links & checkout. It's that simple!

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How To Pick One Specific Charity

Shop using the affiliate links listed above, then next please copy your order's subtotal (sum of items without taxes/shipping), during or following the check out process. After checkout is completed, next return here to this page to pick a charity for us to donate to on your behalf. As our business grows, we hope to simplify selection of a specific charity. However, it takes just a few brief moments to select a charity of personal importance here on Click4Good® following a purchase with affiliates.


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The Choice Is Yours

Making charity choices

On Click4Good.org & Click4Good®App

There's charities that are battling the fight against hunger, poverty, or searching diligently for cures to diseases. Some causes are dedicated to helping people during times of disaster, while others support those who can't speak for themselves: animal, mineral, vegetable ...and even human alike. No matter how users choose to give - great charities always benefit.

Follow Your Heart

The causes found here are diverse

yet share a bond... passion.

No matter the cause, the enthusiasm radiating from each one remains the same. These unwavering forces of good are each unique and highly rated, thus have been carefully chosen. Our company is in business to help good causes by utilizing everyday actions. To learn more about our charity selection process and more information, click the button below…

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

Big Hearts + Big Money = Coexist

Business & Social Awareness Should Coexist™

It’s our goal to unite business with social awareness for a brighter future. We’re a small company now, but with the help of our supporters - we know we can be a big company with even bigger hearts. With Click4Good, the power is “in the hands” of the online shopper. Whether donation by our business is to one or all causes... all charity choices always rest with Click4Good users. Find out more about us, our various affiliates, the “how it works” process, the charities, donations and more, click the button…

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Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

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